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well ...

well ...this gives a whole new meaning to the song <.< Makes it sound ...sad , rather than happy O.o nice on |- )

Sorry , simply a fail :|

looks unfinished , and 1 point for your effort <.< much better luck next time fellow newgrounder ...don't think this thing will get ya anywhere XD

idiot-monarch responds:

fuck i was hoping this was gonna get me into uni


GREAT JOB , on the animation and plotting XD i am hoping to see more of leo and satan , until there is a separate collection enitirely consisting of leo and satan episodes XD it would be a MICRO-DREAM COME TRUE XD

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Nice game, apart from that. Obama has no control, he is just a puppet following the orders of the corporate elitists that pull the puppet strings on him...they might probably even harm him if he deviates....i feel sorry for him, because he is being used as a punching bag to absorb hate, while the real corporate sluts behind him (aka fat cats) are hiding from the public view, safe by the idea that the mainstream media which they have bought off and bribed will never spread their addresses, names or details.

OMG lol quite original ..

quite an original game u have there ;D

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The new world order ....

ask yourselves , aggression , killing , this is what the world governments want from us ....to be aggressive , stupid , undisciplined like some animals , its all part of the new world order of the Illuminatis .....m not arguing about religion , but aggression and animosity ? well that's something that won't make this world a better place ....

P.S.:Illuminati , they are originate from the templars , and today have great knowledge about alien technology and especially from the lost empire of atlantis , a civilization known as more evolved than us , masters of the holy geometry that secretly has been used by DA VINCI and possibly some modern designers etc ...however ....the point is , they have AWESOME KNOWLEDGE about our world , however .....they currently rule the world silently , and their goal is to stupidify the masses with low quality stuff like porn , bad programs , and aggressive games ...think about it ....who would make a game about killing people ? , more about it all in certain books

if someone is interested about the new world order that was officially set in 1990 ....they cant find out ....becuase the 1000 paged detailed book was removed by the government :D lol ....any who , i got offtopic in the name of truth .

just a personal comment ...the way the game is done is quite nice , just wish it wasnt a killing game . with such aggression and blood and gore

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Good stuff, chill indeed.

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Wonderful tune, I greatly appreciate the ascending sound dynamics it starts off with and what followed even more. Kudos.

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EdKempeper responds:

Thank you very much ! I almost forgot that song...

Beaauutiful ....reminds me of an ecstatic summer time sunset along the beach ...looking at it from a beach bar/club , just before the night festivities . NICE JOBB MAAAAAN !

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3D is soooo overrated |- ) ...

3D kills man's sense ...the same sense which makes you a true live artist ...since it automates many of the tasks humans do by sense ...but yeah ...pretty efficient stuff , no doubt ...machines and softwares are progressing at the same rate as mankind is regressing |- )

but you know ...that's just my comment ...one in 6 billion . i guess small things dont make a difference in this life ....or do they ? ...they say the smallest thing can sometimes make a big difference in this world .....but you know ....theory and stuff :P lame stuff , unproven stuff ...it's nothing to think about ....just imagine i didn't say anything and continue on with your lives :P

all things aside : this is a nice model , and 3d modeling is an efficient tool of the modern age ...and there is no doubt that it will be used and developed further in the future ...keep on walking . Though think about the path on which you are walking . know it , feel it as you pass by each and every little rock ...

and if you can't change things ....then go with the flow ...and pray that the civilization is on a right path ....Good luck my friend .

I see you have heard of the monks located in asia.

Nice work , and yes , those monks really do hold secrets to our existence , our past and present i bet , though i am sure they will never talk until the whole world starts to listen ...which is hard to imagine at this rate .

good job on the artwork ones more ...

interesting ..

o and for some reason newgrounds users always overestimate XD ((some comments below ))

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Iraq , come and get me XD


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